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    This is a free online magazine created by AF staff members - by fans for fans. No profit or monetary benefits have been gained from the creation of this magazine. Aarin has not been paid to display any of the advertisements seen in this magazine. All original artwork and photographs have been used with the permission of the artists. Aarin has no claim to any of the commercial graphics presented. These are copyright of the respective companies, to which Aarin is in no way affiliated. This magazine is meant for private use only. The magazine must not be reproduced anywhere or in any other format. This magazine is not meant for Sale.

  • AarinSecret and Updates (30th July 2013)

"We are back again with AarinSecret 4th edition! For this edition, AarinSecret is featuring some new artworks by various artists, interviews, events coverage, reviews and lots more. Thanks again for downloading!" - Aarin

Past Updates (8th Oct 2013)

"AarinSecret is a BL online magazine side project that I started with Dai-kun back in 2006. As it is a shared passion of ours, we don't get paid to create this magazine. But due to unforeseen circumstances and setbacks in our lives, we couldn’t produce a consistent release of the magazine as intended and thus there were no releases from 2008-2012. It takes a lot of time and effort to put things together into creating one issue. In fact, I almost gave up on the project until early 2013, when a special someone encouraged, guided, gave me ideas, and even got involved in making the 3rd edition. So in May 2013, we released the 3rd edition online and even printed 50 limited edition copies, which were given out as contest prizes and to some people who donated to the site. There are still mistakes here and there in each edition as we are constantly learning as we go along, so we hope to improve more on that as well as on other aspects. Thank you for your kind understanding and support!" - Aarin


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Issue #4 (Summer 2014)

Interview with BMP & Penguin Frontier Art tutorial by Aphin123
Interview with KingxMon & Stayxxx Events coverage
Cosplay tutorial by Kaien Yuu Otome's Way
Interview with Squared director Reviews and lots more...

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Issue #3 (Spring 2013)

Interview with Feimo Interview with Otome's Way
YaYCon 2013 event report Vassalord OVA anime info
Malaysia's BL Con - Sawachi Nijikai 2012 Togainu no Chi game info
Totally Captivated manga info Yaoi anime reviews
Fans Spotlight and lots more...      

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Issue #3 (Spring 2013)
Issue #2 (Fall 2007)

Issue #2 (Fall 2007)

Interview with Yanagoya (Artist) Yaoi - My Anti Drug 2
Saint Beast anime info Winter Cicada anime info
Gorgeous Carat manga info Scans vs License
"Are you a Yaoist?" Fictions and lots more...

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Issue #1 (Spring 2006)

Interview with Heise & X-Seven Yaoi - My Anti Drug
Gakuen Heaven anime info Princess-Princess anime info
Loveless anime info Interview with Obsession & DokiDoki
Yami no Matsuei manga info Yaoi Glossary
Fanfictions and lots more...  

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Issue #3 (Spring 2013)